It is clear that the availability of sound documents, in the shape of audio CD accompanied by an explanatory booklet, that we intend to realise, will take place only if the project arouses a real interest in the museums who, all over the world, have significant Egyptian collections, and in the public.Only then, we will be able to consider its making since we cannot afford it today.

All those, either organizations or individuals, who would be eager to see this project succeeding will have thus to let us know it.

We will also try to present a certain amount of new or almost unknown studies on the topic and those who would wish to be informed could subscribe to the EgyptSound eGroup.

We hope that the project of CD presented on this site will be materialized. Then we will be able to consider also its future. Indeed, if this realization takes place and finds an audience, it could be used as a starting point for others, which had been once considered, then abandonned because of a lack of means. Indeed, other Egyptian collections, in other museums, have instruments which could provide material for further recordings and make it possible to carry on with studies as that that we present in these pages. The purpose of the locations carried out in ancient sites with acoustic qualities worthy of interest were to record there one day the hymns of contemporary Egypt, in its double tradition, muslim and coptic.

So, to be continued...


Sibylle Emerit


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